The Bean Pot

Tori Lee Averett: The Importance of the Arts

January 02, 2020 Season 1 Episode 5
The Bean Pot
Tori Lee Averett: The Importance of the Arts
The Bean Pot
Tori Lee Averett: The Importance of the Arts
Jan 02, 2020 Season 1 Episode 5
Adam Drinkwater
Tori Lee Averett joins me to discuss her humble beginnings in rural Alabama, and her love of the Arts.
Show Notes

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My guest is my good friend Tori Lee Averett who is the Chair, for the Department of Theatre and Dance, at Troy Univeristy and Coordinator of the Theater Education program. She is a dreamer in the best meaning of the word. She’s the kind of friend that I can talk to for hours and totally lose track of time. She inspires me to think deeply about myself, and my place in the world. She inspires me to be creative, and to express myself.  I think she brilliant, vibrant, and fun in so many ways.

I hope you enjoy this special extended episode with Tori, where we dig deep into what inspires us both about the arts. The first hour we spend talking about her humble beginnings in a small, country community in Alabama. We discuss how she fell in love with music as a child, and discovered a love for teaching others. And, we talk about how her travels took her to new places, introduced her to new people, and connected her deeper to her roots. The second hour we get deeper into what the arts mean to us as individuals and to our communities. We discuss how having the arts in our lives helps us to find meaning and purpose. And how art enriches our neighbors and gives us an opportunity to pay it forward to the next generation.

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